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India is widely known for its rich heritage of handicrafts where every region has its specialization and skills. The knowledge of these handmade crafts has been deeply embedded in its culture. Jalebe takes pride in offering all these traditional items online to people living anywhere in the world. These captivating ethnic ornaments include handlooms, God idols, frames, pots, woodworks, and much more.

What is so special about Jalebe’s collection of handicrafts?

The handicrafts we are offering have been ceaselessly appealing to the world since ages, thanks to the highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. They had known all along how to make sustainable products with aesthetic designs. Even in the face of modernity, platforms like Jalebe provide an opportunity to these artisans who work towards reviving and restoring the age-old knowledge of crafts. Different Indian states have their own rich, elegant, and ethnic items that define their cultural identity. So we are committed to getting you this endearing heritage.