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Found 1140 Items

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Buy Designer Lehenga Online

India is the place that is known for wonderful ethnic clothing, tones and extraordinary events. Women in India always like to appear the best at all events. What's more, the most straightforward approach to do so is by finding the correct ethnic lehengas for it. The lehenga ( लहंगा )  is another sort of ethnic wear that will enable you to sparkle. It is broadly known as Ghagra, Lacha and Chaniya. It is a three-piece Indian clothing that accompanies a long skirt, pullover or choli and a dupatta or took. These are ideal for all events like weddings, gatherings and celebrations, and help the ladies to glance smooth in the most exquisite manner. These are found in a wide range of textures, work and styles. Furthermore, you can pick it according to your solace and style. These make you look vogue in every special occasion. Furthermore, from crop top lehengas to A-line lehengas, you can discover all in the lehenga section at Jalebe.

At Jalebe, you can turn up an astonishing design of Lehengas, where you can choose as per your style and life events. We always keep an eye on the trendy lehenga drifts so you can keep your festive wardrobe updated. You can choose your best lehengas through the easygoing classification methods available on this online shopping platform and pick your most loved lehenga in the more explicit manner. Also, you don't need to stress over the quality and costs as we always attempt to offer you the best lowest price available. So just, pick the best lehengas for you and place an order. Our customers are crucial for us and we always put our best effort to keep your fulfilled with 100% customer satisfaction.

Lehengas: The better and profound choice for Women

Ladies normally imagine that saree is the better choice for them for the situation they need to accomplish a traditional look. despite, they don't know lehenga has the better look, flexibility and simple to carry. These two clothing types are ordinary for each lady. The old Ghagra Choli has changed itself into a totally different and lovely clothing known as lehenga choli. It is excellent and especially unique. These are considered the most loved clothing for exceptional events & occasions. The correct work of this Indian clothing will characterize its event. The ladies of all the age can take the plunge and look astonishing. So, add the lehenga in your wardrobe in the event that you need to look more elegant than a saree.

History of lehenga and its rise:

Lehenga Choli (लहंगा-चोली) has voyaged a ton in the previous many years. It went to our nation as a piece of Mughal business and from that point forward, it has become the most loved infrequent wear for ladies. We began wearing this lehengas during the twelfth and eighteenth century, where the Mughals are wearing it since the tenth century. Around then, these were planned in the cotton texture for public and the silk and brocade textures for royals. Be that as it may, presently, you can discover them in pretty much every sort of texture, from engineered and typical. Furthermore, nearly everybody has the option to pick the ideal piece for them. Indeed, even today, the structure of the lehenga choli is as yet the equivalent, however its plan has changed a great deal. We live in the time of online media, where everybody has abundance to the web. They can pick their most loved lehengas styles from magazines, originator's Instagram account, and so on and follow the most recent lehenga pattern. They can shop it on the web, get it from the market or get it sewed, there are numerous choices for them in lehenga itself.

Approaches to pick lehenga according to the event and body type:

Lehenga looks the best when it is picked according to the event and body type. Here are a few hints for you that can help.

Lehengas According to body type:

The Apple Shaped ladies

The apple shape ladies can pick wide erupt lehenga as it will make their midriff look more modest and make a hallucination of body advancement. You can decide for the peplum top look. What's more, evading intensely weaved lehengas will truly help.

The Pear-Shaped ladies

The pear shape ladies can pick the A-line or ghera lehenga. Pick the pullover that will feature your shoulder bone. You should feature your midriff in the most ideal manner. The fish story lehengas are not the ideal for you.

The strawberry formed ladies

The strawberry shape ladies can pick hefty flare, weaving and frivolity on the lehenga. Keep the shirt and dupatta insignificant. Staying away from short blouse will help.

The Ruler molded ladies

The ruler formed ladies can pick the weighty flare lehenga with bolder and short pullover. Indeed, even the high neck plan and 3/fourth sleeves will look wonderful on you. Get the firm dupatta or took with it. Stay away from off-shoulder blouse and evade flowy dupatta while choosing lehengas.

The Hour Glass formed ladies

The hour glass molded ladies can pick any sort of lehenga. From weighty chaniya choli skirt to plain look, all will look best on you. So wear what makes you certain.

The pregnant ladies 

You can pick the erupted lehenga plans and tie them over the waistline. Try not to feel modest to show your tummy and it's delightful in its own sort.

Lehengas According to Occasion

Always recognize the skin tone between reasonable, wheatish and dim. The correct shading will enable you to sparkle.

Always center around your skin suggestion, which can be warm or cool. The light tone lehenga are for cool undertones and splendid tone lehenga for warm feeling.

Always pick according to the season as it will assist you with looking stylish.

Always pick the extras & accessories astutely. For unique events, pick the substantial adornments while for typical events, go for a straightforward look. In the event that your lehenga is substantial, at that point light studs and jewelry will have a major effect. What's more, on the off chance that your lehengas lighter, at that point pick the weighty stud and accessory. The correct length of heels will assist you with strolling better.

Jalebe: A spectacular Online-Store to shop best Lehenga

Jalebe is known as the most recommended and preferable lehenga store online offers lowest prices and discounts. It will assist you with shopping your most loved lehenga without harming your pocket. From popular designs to conventional look, you can get everything at our Online Store. You just have must make sure what you need to add in your lehengas wardrobe. Pick as indicated by the design, shading, texture and fabric and make the most of its liveliness. nevertheless, if you won't be happy with the product, you can without much of a stretch return it or get it exchanged. It is exceptionally simple to connect to our 24X7 customer chat support. So, shop with us and we guarantee you with the most satisfactory lehenga shopping experience. We also offer Worldwide delivery of our products across different nations in USA, UK, Canada & Australia.