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Women’s Petticoat

Petticoat is very important accessory that is worn in conjunction with a Saree. In other words, without petticoat, saree is simply incomplete. Bold and beautiful is not what it looks good from outside; but also what gives you a perfect base on the inside. So petticoat is the innerwear that gives your saree a definite shape and elegance. Today, with a touch of modern glamour, there are large varieties of petticoats that are suitable for different occasions. These different styles are available in different fabrics that are suitable for parties and special occasions. So from modern to traditional flavours, you can define your style and create a perfect look with saree and petticoat.

Jalebe: The Perfect Online Store to Buy Petticoats

There is no dearth of unique traditional outfits in the Jalebe’s online collection. No matter what the occasion is, we have something for everyone out there. So when it comes to petticoats or other garments, we have countless designs and styles. Jalebe has various petticoat combinations that help you acquire the perfect drape and finishing touch. Also from the raw fabric to the readymade piece, you can choose whatever suits well with your saree. We have a rich collection of petticoats in various colors, work, fabrics, designs, and trends. So add a dose ethnic touch to your persona and buy petticoats online from jalebe.