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Saree- A Historic Indian article of clothing

Typically, Indian, you may recognize it from Mahabharata’s popular story of how a single piece of an unstitched cloth saved the day!

Saree is one such outfit that you definitely have witnessed in hundred varied forms on hundred varied runways every season and of course would have donned one yourself. An absolute masterpiece, saree is something that’s been around the world since ages.

What is Saree?

Let’s start with a bit of its history. Saree is over 5000 years old and most likely the only existing clothing items with such a long history. This is one of the reasons why saree holds an important place for fashion industry and curiosity-driven historians alike.

The word saree is derived from Sanskrit that means ‘strip of cloth’. But this doesn’t mean that its origin is from Hinduism.

You will be surprised to know that saree is swayed by various other ancient cultures as well. This can clearly be proven as you will see ancient Greek women wearing chitons, pleated and draped over one shoulder and the loose fabric touching their ankles. But at that time the concept of blouse wasn’t there.

Later on, this trend became a mark of Indian culture! But the idea of blouse wasn’t introduced until much later. Greeks brought the stitching concept to the Indian fashion, but there was a chief change in the way saree was carried during the times of British rule in India. This was the time when the concept of blouse and petticoats came into being. This revolutionarily changed the world of Indian clothing that is now been known and cherished.

Now let’s just fast forward the current day scenario that has taken the concept of draping a saree to a modern makeover. The modern twist includes pre-draped sarees and saree gowns that attract both younger and older generations in the same way.

And we at jalebe.com have covered the requirements of traditional and modern saree draping concepts alike. Our latest collection in saree is worth craving for!

Latest trendy Sarees for a sensational look

Let’s now discuss different styles of party wear sarees to give you some inspiration –

Ruffled Saree

Hottest trend of the season, ruffled sarees mainly come in silk, georgette, or net fabrics. You can go for matching blouse for that complimentary look

Dhoti Style Saree

In much vogue, a dhoti style saree can be worn at a wedding gathering. You can choose to go for contrasting blouse to get a perfect party-ready look!

Half & Half Embroidered Saree

A half & half embroidered saree makes you stand out in the crowd. You can choose to wear such sarees to a family party function.

Net Saree

Net sarees are so graceful that they lend you a fascinating look. Preferred during a night party, a net saree combined with a matching blouse will enhance a perfect look.

Printed Saree

Printed saree, mainly floral is on a hike these days. It lends you a feminine and youthful look. Preferred during a day gathering, printed sarees generally go well with contrasting plain blouse.

Tips to Choose Sarees for Varied Occasions

Morning Meet Ups

Morning events are best attended carrying lacy embroidered sarees in lighter hues. Darker tones will look overdressed in for the mornings. You can choose either cotton or chiffon sarees to look elegant during those morning meet ups.

Business Gatherings or Regular Office Days

Achieve a perfect professional look with printed silk or classy chiffon sarees. You can also go for simple South Indian silk or Chikankari sarees for those victorious office gatherings.

Mid Day Celebrations

Go for fancy options like georgette sarees, Bhagalpuri silk, Tant silk, or Jamdani for mid-day celebrations. Do not don too much accessories during the afternoon. Highlight your look with simple and light weight jewelry.


Night times are always about rich looks! Dress up all shiny and glamorous with Banarsi, Kancheepuram, Kanjeevaram, Bishnupuri Silk, Bangalore Silk, or Net Sarees. Look ravishing by teaming any of these sarees with heavy ornaments. Go for dark rich hues for night to look bright and striking.

Festive Charm

Go for rich colors and heritage designs for festive celebrations. Its recommended to enrich the traditional look draping Indian Silk saree.

Choose a Perfect Saree for your Body Type

Pear-Shaped Body

If you have the perfect Indian figure with heavy bottom and curvaceous figure, stick to linens and georgette. These two fabrics are easy and breathable and will create a perfect balance of your upper and lower body.

Apple-Shaped Body

If you are someone who is blessed with voluptuous curves – your upper body is not in proportion to your lower part, go for sarees with heavy embroidered work and bold prints. Try to complement these sarees with long blouses. Majorly consider silk sarees!

Overweight Women

If you are someone who is on the heavier side, go for chiffon, silk and handloom sarees. These fabrics will accentuate your curves and will make you look attractive.

Voluptuous Women

Women with hourglass figure should flaunt their curves with chiffons and georgettes. You can also consider minimal brocade and beadwork. Opt for darker colors and designer fuller long sleeves blouse.

Tall & Slim Body

Women with slim waist and tall stature, flaunt zillion of styles effortlessly. Go for cotton, raw silk, tussar, georgette, chiffon, or linen.

Jalebe- All-inclusive store for traditional Indian sarees

Jalebe.com is one of the best and trusted online shopping stores offers exclusive range of sarees with refined product descriptions to help customer in buying the best traditional & regional sarees to matching accessories for different occasions.

Our easy & secured buying process helps you in shopping comfortably from your home comfort and also offers you an option to return & exchange if you are not satisfied with the sarees you have ordered. You can also share your feedback or complaint at info @jalebe.com. We offer you the best discounts and offers to ensure that your experience to buy saree online at most reasonable price should be fully satisfactory and hassle free.