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Saree – Heart-throbbing Drape For Modern Women

Want to say Hello to ethnicity in the best way? Lean on to the sartorial traditional yet contemporary Sarees, which have been ruling the world of fashion since times immemorial. Saree is an elegant ethnic outfit that blends harmoniously well with a designer blouse and creates quite an impact. Because of its versatility, this six to nine yards quintessential drape can be donned in 100 different ways. Saree is probably one of the only garments that have been surviving in the fashion world ever since its introduction 5000 years back. The inspiration of this ethnic ensemble can be traced back to curiosity-driven historians and it is also influenced by ancient cultures. During ancient times, however, the concept of the blouse wasn’t prevalent.

The trend and concept of blouse came into the picture when the British entered India. The concept of stitched blouses and petticoats brought a revolutionary transformation in the Indian clothing style. Ever since then, sarees and their remarkable styles have never stopped evolving. It is only after that time when regional saree for women and other styles came into the bright light.

Apart from being delicately classy and elite, sarees bring out a sense of comfort and joy to the wearer. Stand out from the online pack of your westerns and delve into the classiest and trendiest range of printed, embroidery, half & half, and regional saree collection by Jalebe. The trend of sarees has inspired countless women to flaunt their curves, have fun with styling, and look and feel their absolute best, thanks to the impeccable style sense, originality, and individuality. To get the unique fashion recommendation out there, allow yourself to be inclined by the stance of these ethnic style trendsetters.

Plain Saree

Regardless of the fabric, color, and pattern, a plain saree is always the stylish force behind the signature style of a woman’s coolness, ethnicity, and poise. Jalebe’s outfits range from colorful plain saree for women that portrays a true definition of sophistication. Modern women have a knack for pairing plain saree online design together with gleaming jewelry pieces we didn’t even know would work so well.

Regional Saree

Scrolling down a stunning range of regional saree online shopping will make you realize that it has the potential to pull off any look. Give them a look and you’ll understand what we mean. There are so many things to love and adore about sarees Jalebe, but printed saree online is modern women’s absolute favorite thing is that captures everyone’s heart. Get this timeless piece of ethnic outfit and flaunt your luxurious stance by pairing it with dazzling jhumka and designer necklace. Each region of India has some cultural traditions associated with different styles, colors, and patterns of regional saree styles. For instance, the Kolkata region is known for comfy and trendy cotton sarees and Bandhani pattern sarees are popular in various parts of Gujarat and Jaipur.

Embroidery Saree

Embroidery saree online is something that we’ve been a fan of for years because its neutral colors palette and minimalistic aesthetic has always spoken to us. It has become modern women’s go-to quirky ethnic ensemble so much so that its looks have always held a permanent spot on the fashion mood boards. Known for its exceptional tailored style and exquisite styling patterns, the saree for women is easily one of the coolest women on the internet. Embroidery net saree styles have been leaving the women fashionistas awestruck because of their utmost ease, elegance, and comfort.

Half and Half Saree

Whenever the wedding or festive season kicks off, fashion lovers go crazy about their outfits, especially the ethnic ones. They then tend to go above and beyond to play along with their saree styles. Half and half saree offers remarkable and fun-loving styles to the wearer and one can change the entire look of the attire by carrying it in different styles and by pairing it with stunning jewelry designs. Half and half saree designs are something that offers you to flaunt your stance in more than one or two colors. Shop from Jalebe’s exclusive range of half and half saree online and bring out your ethnic side.

Bridal Saree

Wedding vows are incomplete without the ethnicity and traditional values reflected in the bridal saree look. A classy range of bridal saree red color is something that comes in the comfiest range of fabrics like Banarasi Silk, Art Silk Saree, Crepe and sarees in Georgette. From weddings to formal office meetings to sudden party plans, these sarees by Jalebe are a perfect fit for all occasions and events, apart from weddings. One can carry this adorable piece of cloth in different styles and patterns for their special days. You can explore a unique and exquisite range of stylish yet traditional bridal sarees online for your D-day at 

Explore different types of sarees online at for your special events and occasions as it speaks so highly of various types of silk sarees with different types of sarees materialfrom Art Silk saree, Ombre Saree, Designer Saree to Plain Saree designs. Women are taking inspiration from retro styles as well as that of the Mumtaaz Style draping patterns. When this was not enough, saree lovers are now substituting petticoats with stylish straight-cut pants to give it a unique look. Get FREE shipping on your trendy saree designs with our seasonal sales and offers.