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Regional Saree – A Graceful Indian Ensemble 

India is a country where women enjoy and relish a unique mixture of rich cultures and traditions especially in terms of regional attires. The latest regional saree designs represent the different mannerisms and beliefs of different Indian regions which are truly incredible. Many western outfits may come and go but saree is an evergreen ethnic outfit that even extremely self-proclaimed fashionistas never get bored of. Originated from the Indian civilization, the saree has taken magnificent patterns, colors, fabrics, and designs.   

Did you know the average number of styles one can carry with a saree design is said to 80? Yes, you read it right. There are around 80 ways to wear a saree and look ultra-classic in your look. Whether it is down south or up north, each Indian region and state has something extravagant and unique to offer - alluring cuisines, diverse rituals, regional clothes and so much more. Regional saree USA has also established itself as a unique style statement that is liked and adored by women of all ages and style tastes. Get regional saree online for your upcoming wedding function, reception, festivity, or any other event for an ethereal stance.

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lsfsa1263 Purple Zari Embroidered Chinon Georgette Saree US$ 76.20

Bandhani Regional Sarees

Handcrafted from the traditional tie and dye craft with distinguishing ‘dots’ pattern, Bandhani regional sarees are curated in the finest range of fabrics like cotton, georgette, crepe, cotton-silk blends, chiffon, and pliant silk variants. Pulsating, magnificent, and detailed in their tediously tied and dyed dotted saree patterns, these sarees by Jalebe are available with or without Banarasi and Zari borders. Banarasi regional sarees are prominently popular in the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat is considered to be a perfect fit-for-summers, because of their comfortable fabric and airy texture. The best part about Banarasi sarees is their versatility and thus women of all ages can wear these. Apart from elderly women, Banarasi style saree also looks great on young girls. Get regional handloom sarees from Jalebe at affordable prices. 

Kanjeevaram Regional Sarees

A sari lover who is fond of ethnicity and traditions, Kancheepuram or Kanjeevaram saris is a must. Astoundingly flamboyant and outstandingly gorgeous, the Kanjeevaram silk sari from the region of Tamil Nadu is every Indian woman’s dream. Kanjeevarams are traditional sarees and can be quite expensive. Kanjeevrarams regional sarees are worth every penny because of their never-ending grace and beauty. The specialty of this regional styled saree lies in its unique texture, shine, durability, and enhancement; which is why it is popularly famous as the queen of all sarees. The fabric used in the making of regional saree is the heavy Kanchipuram silk and is also cost-sensitive because of its poise and weight. Jalebe boasts about its traditional regional sarees online because they fit every occasion and event.

Banarasi Regional Sarees

Banarasi regional sarees are globally popular because of their appealing gold, zari, silver handwork, natural silk pattern, and exceptional embroidery. Most of these sarees have appealing and classy designs all over the cloth and the golden embroidery or zari work makes it more pleasing. Pashmina banarasi silk saree styles have always won every woman's heart because of their expansive range of fabrics and colors.

Patola Silk Regional Sarees

Patola Silk saris have their names from the Patan District of the state of Gujarat, wherein each genuine piece takes weeks to months to be designed with utmost precision. Patola Saris are expensive as compared to other fabric regional sarees because these patterned sarees were initially donned only by the royalty. The authentic art of weaving a Patola saree is an intricately guarded family tradition of weavers. Patola silk sarees are exquisite sarees from Patan, Gujarat, traditionally woven for royalty only. These are popular types of regional sarees that come in the finest range of fabrics and multifaceted weaving methods used made these sarees quite expensive. It was one of the prominent reasons why Patola silk regional sarees were the choice of only the elite merchants and financially stable women who were able to afford them. At Jalebe, you can shop regional sarees at the most reasonable costs. 

In the modern era, regional saree styles are considered to be one of the richest and sophisticated traditional saris. They are best known for their ethereal zari and embroidery work and woven designs. From office-going young girls to elderly women, trending regional sarees are a choice of women of all ages and fashion styles. You can choose from a classic range of regional saree for women to look your elegant best in any festivity or occasion. While talking about exquisiteness and elegance, the concept and trend of regional sarees can never be overlooked. For women, who love to experiment with different styles and patterns of sarees, should go for designer regional sarees by Jalebe. 

Regional Saree Online Shopping

Explore a classy and trendy range of suave regional sarees at Jalebe and enjoy exclusive discounts and festive offers. It is your one-stop online destination to buy regional saree online in an expansive variety of colors, fabrics, and pattern work. You can find matching jewelry and other accessories to carry with these sarees.

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