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Disclaimer Policy


While dealing with Jalebe.com, customers unconditionally accept the terms and conditions provided as follows:

Before making any quick conclusions or placing an order, the user must carefully read product information as well as services displayed in applicable sections and information provided in frequently asked questions. As a word of caution: No two offers would be clubbed in a single order and already discounted items will not be eligible for ongoing promotional offers.

Jalebe.com is owned and managed by Jalebe. All the content of the site is only for general information or use. They do not constitute final advice and should not be solely relied upon in making any decision. Certain sections of the site may contain materials/feedback submitted by users. Jalebe.com accepts no responsibility for the content or accuracy of such materials.
Jalebe.com is not responsible for the contents of any linked sites. We do not subscribe to the organizations or products to which it links. Your access to any of these third party sites will be completely at your own risk.

The overall details of products or product specifications (for example weight, color, handwork details, size, etc.) being quoted along the displays are only fairly accurate values. Since most of the items or handicrafts have intricate/complex artwork, the actual product may be at a slight variance with the pictures displayed.

During the manufacturing process of a lot of accessories, different types of metals are used. Therefore, if anyone is allergic towards any specific types of metals, then please contact us before placing order. If you fail to do so, Jalebe.com will not be responsible for any unease.

Jalebe.com will not be responsible for any loss of data or other damages occurring under any circumstances whatsoever.  These damages may be circumlocutory, special, subsidiary, indirect, or consequential resulting from the use or inability to use the products or services provided by Jalebe.com. Despite the occurrence of any of such damages or inability of actions, Jalebe cannot be held accountable beyond the amount paid by customers for any soecific product or service.

In order to provide our customers with latest information and material, Jalebe.com is well within its rights to make changes in products or services posted in this site from time to time. The prices given on the site are for users who purchase through the internet. Availability and prices of items can undergo a change without prior notice. Any prices given on Jalebe.com may not indicate the actual selling prices in any particular area. We at Jalebe reserve the right to limit sales, including the right to prohibit sales to re-sellers. Jalebe.com is not responsible for any typographical or photographic errors/drawbacks.

Apart from any or all of the aforesaid terms, conditions & disclaimers, any refund or payment by Jalebe.com to the user (or anybody acting on his/her behalf for any reason whatsoever) shall not become a waiver of any or all of the terms and conditions made and shall not become a precedent for similar actions/claims in future or confer any rights on the applicant. All such refunds or payments, if any when made, shall be subjected to a deduction of $25 on account of Bank charges and other processing overheads.