Discount, Promotion and Store Credit

1. What are the on-going offers/ promotions on your website?

To provide the best ever shopping experience for our customers, we keep on updating our offers from time to time. Would be edit accordingly current on-going offer.

2. I want to use two discount codes at a time. Can I?

Only one discount code can be used at a time to place an order. Multiple discount codes cannot be clubbed.

3.Why is the Discount coupon showing as expired?

Our entire discount coupon comes with an expiry date. You may like to refer to the communication wherein you have issued the coupon, to check the expiry date. In case you find any discrepancy, please do touch base with our Customer Care team and we shall be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

4.The offer I saw is no longer visible?

Every offer or promotion we run is time-based. Hence there might be a possibility that the offer you saw has ended. However, we do have a Sale section on our Website where in anytime you can look for discounted items.

Please refer to the link:

5. What is the validity of my store credit?

The store credits do not come with any validity date. You may use it anytime to shop with us.

6. I’m unable to use my store credit. Why?

Please re-validate once in case you have already redeemed the Store Credit earlier. You will find the information about the balance amount in the Store Credit tab under your My Account section on the left navigation panel.
In case of any discrepancy please touch base with our Customer Care team and we shall be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

7.Can I use the Store Credit with an account other than the one against which the same was issued?

We would have loved to, but the store credits are linked with the individual email address and therefore, cannot be used by any other user for security reasons.

8.What are the terms and conditions for items purchased on Sale?

We have a curated collection of some beautiful items from all the available categories featured in our "Sale" section ( The sale section has been introduced to offer the best possible price to our customers for an uninterrupted and over joyous shopping experience.

The cancellation and return policies for an item purchased from the sale section are as follows:-

  1. All items purchased from the Sale section are non-returnable. In case accepts the return of Item the amount will be credited in the customer's account as store credit only.
  2. For pre-shipment cancellations requested within 24 hours of order placement, 100% reimbursement will be initiated as store credit or refund.
  3. For cancellations requested after 24 hours of order placement, we provide a refund for all such orders in the form of Store Credit only. The store credit is redeemable on our Website at any point of time during your next purchases.
  4. In case of refund, will deduct 10% of the final order value as Cancellation Fees which includes management & handling charges. 

For any concerns, please touch base with our customer care team.