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Shipping Policy- Seller

Shipping Policy for Sellers

Jalebe.com is a comprehensive marketplace for online sellers and buyers. It offers various services to sellers so that they can quickly and safely sell their unique items to as many buyers as they want. The Delivery Policy document lays down certain important obligations for you as a seller. It also explains your clearly defined rights and responsibilities whenever you use Jalebe.com postage labels services.

Dispatching Your Items

The responsibility of delivery of sold items to buyers rests solely on sellers. While utilizing a delivery service, it must be clear to you that you are ultimately responsible that your buyers receive their orders timely and properly.

By selling on jalebe.com, you agree to:

  1. Provide an accurate "dispatch from" address.
  2. Clearly state the costs of your postage charges as well as processing time in listings.
  3. Conform to all the laws and regulations like local laws, international laws, and custom duties. Since it is difficult to have a sound grasp on regulations for delivery and customs, you can get help from articles on international delivery using Customs and Duty charges.
  4. Make delivery to the exact address listed on the Jalebe.com receipt.

When you upload tracking information and delivery confirmation on Jalebe.com, you essentially permit us to gather and share this data received from your delivery channel. In the event of an improbable situation if the order does not reach, be prepared to furnish valid proof of dispatch. It must show that the item was actually dispatched to the address provided on Jalebe.com. If a buyer does not receive their order, they may raise dispute against your shop.